Review: Bridea Box

Have you noticed that subscription and sample boxes continue to be more and more popular?

One that kept popping up on my Facebook news feed caught my eye; the Bridea Box.

This is a one off box of various wedding related samples, that at the moment is 20% off! This discount finally convinced me to give it a go, and the box arrived yesterday!

The box was bigger than I thought it would be – it is also very sturdy. I waited for Simon to come home and we uunwrapped it together.

Inside was a large variety of treats;

I like that there was quite a range of items, from wedding favours, to wedding stationery, to wedding decor and confetti.

The idea of this box is that it is hard to gauge quality from a website, and you may not be aware that some of these cool items are out there. It is a “wedding show in a box”.

I cannot imagine that I would buy another one, given we are quite far along in the wedding planning process, but I would really recommend this for newly engaged couples as a fantastic starter idea box – especially if you cannot get to many quality wedding shows.

Some of the items in particular were;

1 – Personalised Sunglasses

The sunglasses can be personalised on the arm for any member of the wedding party – i.e. “Best Man” or “Bride” or with the wedding details. They also come in a wide variety of colours, I like the bright blue.

I love this idea for Hen/Stag Dos, especially if you are going abroad somewhere hot.

They are of a decent quality and the personalisation aspect is super fun. They are made directly by Bridea.

2 – Personalised Shot Glass

This is a really good quality wedding favour, the glass was thick and the printed text was clear and seems to stay on quite well.

You can have it personalised in a variety of ways, and you can also get different types of glasses, maybe a mason jar for a more boho wedding, or beer glasses for the beer lovers out there.

They were from

They also provided a sample “save the date” beermat – which is a really fun idea. You could also have these personalised for the wedding day itself as another fun favour/decor idea.

The beermats were again of a really good quality, and you can see from their site there are a wide range of designs – so I am sure you would find something for you. They also do personalised napkins and much more for the big day – or for the Stag/Hen do.

3 – “I Do” Rhinestones

I have seen these quite a lot on social media and in wedding magazines. Part of me thought they are quite tacky, but part of me really wanted them! When I saw they were included in the box it finally made the decision for me!

These are added to the soles of the bride shoes so are quite a discreet but fun addition to the wedding outfit. They are also a bargain at £3.50! Get them from

4 – Confetti Pop

As you will have seen from our earlier post, we are making our own dried petal confetti.

Shropshire Petals offer various petal confetti packages, one of which are these fun confetti pops.

I thought this would be one I would really love, but in my opinion the natural beautiful petals against the white plastic is jarring. These are quite an expensive option, and the heavy plastic look is not the boho beautiful look I am looking for from having dried petal confetti.

They do a wide variety of confetti petals that come in more natural cones or just in bags for you to distribute yourself. This would be the route I would now choose if we were not doing it ourselves.

That is the benefit of the Bridea box – something you thought you would love actually you don’t, something you never thought about you may fall in love with!


I am really happy I bought this box, and have gotten some more inspiration and chosen some suppliers for ideas I had but wanted a sample. I also have a nice wedding box to keep my various wedding purchases that are accumulating!

I was not paid for this review and all opinions are my own.

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