Review – Bridal Kimono

You know I love nothing more than bridal items! Recently we were sent a Bridal kimono from Hunkemoller and I couldn’t wait to receive it. Unfortunately, I was pretty underwhelmed when it arrived.

The online photo is;

Here is the robe hanging up;

It looks very similar to the online photo, which is a win.

I can’t show you a photo of me wearing it as the L size doesn’t fit me – it would probably comfortably fit a size 14 (not the 16/18 guide on the site).

The quality of the material feels very cheap – it is 100% polyester and feels almost plastic like. At £35 I would expect cotton not polyester.

The one good part is the embroidery – which is high quality;

Unfortunately, this doesn’t save the product for me – the cheap polyester just isn’t a good bridal look (even if it did fit)…

What a shame!

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