Review : BrewDog Norwich

Several years ago, I tried my first ever craft beer. That beer was BrewDog Punk IPA, and I’ve been hooked ever since.

Since that evening, I’ve tried many different beers from different breweries, some excellent beers, some not so excellent. But I’ve always enjoyed BrewDog’s large range of beers so much so that I’ve since bought shares in their Equity For Punks crowdfunding scheme!

When I was living in Birmingham, a fellow craft beer fan and myself graced the Birmingham BrewDog bar most weekends. But since moving down to the East Coast, I’ve really missed the beers, the atmosphere and the friendly service that BrewDog offered, so when Charlotte & I decided to go to Norwich for the day, I couldn’t wait to get the Norwich BrewDog bar!

We arrived slightly early (11am!) only to be told by the young lady putting out the benches, that they didn’t open until midday! So feeling slightly like an alcoholic, we strolled back into Norwich to kill a bit of time.

We arrived later (11:58am) and walked straight into the merchandise area. Unlike any other Brewdog bar I’ve been to, Norwich actually had a separate area for merchandise selling everything from t-shirts and hoodies, to stickers and underwear! They also have a ‘BottleDog’ section where you can buy the full range of bottled and canned beer from BrewDog and guest breweries.

We walked over to a table where the young lady who had spoken to us earlier, gave us menus for both food and drink and asked if she could get us any drinks. I opted for a 5am Saint, whilst Charlotte went for a vanilla milkshake. The barmaid opened us a tab and returned swiftly with the drinks.

5am Saint has always been a favourite of mine. It’s one of BrewDog’s ‘headliner’ beers which means it’s always available on draught in all of their bars. It is a 5% American red ale, ruby in colour with hints of berry, caramel and marmalade.

Charlotte informed me that the vanilla milkshake tasted like milk…with notes of vanilla…

We then decided we would stay for lunch. Charlotte went for the Patriot burger with fries, which was basically a bacon and cheese burger. I decided on the fire eater burger with fries which was lovely, but had a hell of kick to it!!

One of the things that make BrewDog so great, is that you can sample all of the beers on tap. I asked for a sample of ‘Tropic Thunder’ which is a lovely dark beer with chocolate and espresso notes. I was also given a sample of their new collaboration beer¬† ‘New England IPA’ which was fantastic! I was also informed that with popularity of this beer, there were only 30 or so kegs left in the UK to go around all the BrewDog bars! So I suggest you get down to your local bar to try this refreshing, fruity IPA!

I then decided, rather than having another pint, to have one of their flight boards. The flight boards are a brilliant way to have a selection of beers, without tipping 6 or so pints down your neck! You can choose any four of the BrewDog or guest beers from the menu, and they are served in 1/3 pint glasses on a wooden board. I chose Jackhammer, Zeitgeist, New England IPA (as I enjoyed the taster so much!) and Charlotte chose me Wild Beer Co. Bibble.

Jackhammer is a 7.2% bitter IPA. This beer is very sharp with a grapefruit aftertaste. Not for the faint-hearted!

Zeitgeist is an interesting one! A 4.7% Czech black lager, with overtones of chocolate, caramel and espresso.

The Wild Beer Co. Bibble was one of the guest beers on tap. A fruity refreshing 4.2% pale ale.

Of course, the other great thing about BrewDog is the service, and Norwich was no exception. The barmaid who had been serving us all afternoon was very chatty, friendly and knowledgeable. The kitchen staff made a great meal, and came to check on us.

Best of all, being an Equity For Punk shareholder, I get 5% off my bill at any BrewDog bar and because it was Monday daytime, we got an extra 15% off making our total bill just over £20!!

If, like myself, you are a lover of craft beer and a slightly alternative setting, I strongly recommend BrewDog Norwich, or any BrewDog bar in fact!

I was not paid for this review. All opinions are my own.


  1. Neil Bowers

    Great review of my local Brewdog Bar. Norwich had been crying out for one of these for ages. So you can imagine how excited we were when we heard they were coming!! It’s been there almost a year now and I absolutely love it in there, such a relaxed atmosphere. The Punk AGM coming up soon, so will be heading up there for the mayhem.

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