Review: Aldo Wifey Bag

In August 2016 Simon proposed – we were on our dream holiday in Las Vegas.

He popped the question during a romantic visit to Red Rock Canyon.

We were alone in a picturesque spot when Simon dropped to one knee and asked me to marry him. I was in full ugly-crying mode but managed to say yes between sobs!

Soon after a passing hiker recreated the moment for us to share with friends and family back home. It is one of my favourite photos;

Soon after this came the wedding planning. I am really enjoying the planning process, and will share how we are getting on in a later post.

It didn’t take me long to find an amazing handbag from Aldo that was perfect for our wedding/honeymoon – it said “Wifey” and “Las Vegas”. The style was retro yet modern – and it was perfect for me.

Unfortunately, Aldo and ASOS had long since sold out of this bag, and although they occasionally popped up online they were quickly snapped up and usually had incredibly high mark ups.

I have been on the hunt for my dream bag since August… then last week I found success!

I am part of the Rock n Roll Bride group on Facebook – an amazingly supportive group of women at various stages of the wedding process (brides to be, wives, wannabe brides). It was on this page that I had often seen this bag advertised – but I had never been lucky enough to respond fast enough and another lucky bride would take the prize.

Our amazing wedding photographer Nikki Cooper tagged me in the latest post advertising the bag for sale and I immediately contacted the seller – the lovely Lauren – and this time I was lucky enough to be the first reply.

Today the bag arrived and I am in love!

The bag has an inbuilt gold chain strap as you can see, but this is detachable should you choose the clutch option.

The bag is a hard box style bag but the white material is a soft leather type feel.

Luckily for me the bag is in near perfect condition and I cannot wait to how it off next year… In fact I am sure I will crack and end up using it before then – it is just too fabulous to leave in the wedding box for a year!

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