#MySundayPhoto – Valentines Day

Photalife has a great weekly post – #MySundayPhoto

Here is ours;

We love our new lightbox and I often use it for cute photos like this.

Like many couples “always and forever” is a phrase we often say to show our love to one another.

Sadly there were not enough “K”s to make “Whisky & Milkshakes”… but I am sure you will see it many more times in the blog.

Our flowers were in the reduced section of our local supermarket – for our wedding next year we want freeze dried petals. This can be pricey so we plan to buy reduced bouquets throughout the year and dry our own. We have asked the people closest to us to do the same. This way makes it even more special – as we will be showered with love from our family and friends.

I will be using these as a test run to see how the drying process goes, but they probably wont last until the wedding next Spring.

We will be posting how we spent our Valentines soon – how are you spending yours?




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