This weeks #littleloves

Rachel over at Coffee, Cake and Kids has introduced me to #littleloves – set up by Coffee Sleep Work Repeat this is a chance to look back on what made this past week great.

I love this idea because it is so easy to get wrapped up in the drama and stresses of daily work life. It is nice to reflect on those happy moments.


As we have been getting the blog off the ground we have primarily been reading up on blogging! One of the new blogs I have discovered and really like is A Few of My Favourite Things – as we seem to share a lot of the same loves.


This week we saw Split at the local cinema.

James McAvoy is amazing in the role but overall… I wasn’t a fan. To me the film was overly predictable and cliche.

Luckily we have Cineworld Unlimited Cards so it didn’t cost us anything.


In our ongoing mission to lose weight for the wedding we made carb free tacos this week – basically mince, salad and a little sour cream in a bowl. We call it “Mexican Mess”. It was delicious and will probably be a regular menu fixture given how easy it is to make after a long day at work.

And lastly…

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I hope you had a great week too!


  1. Carb free tacos I must have the recipe. Sounds delicious I really need to cut carbs and sugar back down. Over xmas we just over did it and we never really eat sugar. eeek Naughty I know. It’s february no excuses. Welcome to Little Loves too. Love this linky. Been doing it for years and it’s great to get to know so many new ones this year that have joined in. #littleloves

  2. Welcome to Little Loves! I’m so sorry it’s taken me all week to pop over and read your post. It’s half term for us so I’m struggling fitting everything in.
    I love the idea of the carb free taco bowls, Mexican food is definitely a weakness of mine! x

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