World Letter Writing Day

As a blogger, and general member of the 21st Century, I find letter writing to be a lost art.

Everything is typed, and most communication is online/text/Whatsapp. I, like many others, feel a nostalgia to get back to the pen and paper sometimes.

This is why I was really excited to hear about Viking’s World Letter Day Initiative of pairing up bloggers all over Europe and sending them a box of writing goodies to get going.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from the box, but it wasn’t a working quill and wax seal set! How incredibly beautiful is this;

We also had personalised paper, which I adored;

Late in August I received my letter, and wow what a beautiful letter it was from Priscilla at ikblogookmaarwat (in the Netherlands).

Her writing using the quill was far better than I managed to scribble down;


Receiving such a beautiful letter through the post really made my day, and this joy simply cannot be replicated with an email ping, or a whatsapp notification.

I hope Priscilla liked her letter in return, I won’t post a photo to ruin the suprise but I can promise I haven’t mastered the quill as well as she has! Oh well, must keep practicing I guess…



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