The Search for Comfy Contact Lenses

Simon can wear lenses all day and night with no irritation at all. I however struggle to wear lenses for more than a couple of hours without eye irritation.

I do not want to wear glassses for our upcoming wedding, therefore, I am constantly on the look out for wearable lenses.

Recently I found out about Feel Good Contacts and their range of Comfi daily contact lenses.

Feel Good Contacts is the cheapest online retailer of contact lenses on the market and due to their Price Match guarantee, customers will not find their lenses cheaper anywhere else online, or on the high street. Feel Good can save customers up to 50% on their contact lenses.

They offer next day delivery for orders made before 7.15pm and have one of the highest Trustpilot scores in its industry at 9.6/10.

The lenses arrived quickly and well packaged;

The downside of the packaging was that the box was too large for the letterbox. I am rarely at home so for me this would be a big drawback (as going to the local sorting office is a nightmare). If you are often in to receive parcels then this would not be an issue.

The lenses themselves are in convenient slim boxes each holding 5 lenses – perfect for my “On the Go” lifestyle where I frequently travel with hand luggage only.

I wore the lenses on two separate occasions, once before a dinner and once before a meeting with our wedding venue.

Unfortunately, I was unable to wear them in either case for longer than 30mins, they were just not comfortable enough for my dry eyes. I found Acuvue Moist slightly better, but still only wearable for an hour or two.

My search continues! Do you have any recommendations?


I was sent these lenses for the purposes of review, all opinions and comments are my own.

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