The Perfect Wake-Up – What Does It Involve?

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If you’re reading this, the odds are very likely you’ve experienced a number of morning wakeups in your life. From groggy wakeups to wakeups with boundless energy. From waking up with hangovers to waking up with a bad head cold. From waking up because the neighbors dog is barking again to waking up way past your alarm clock, causing you to get ready for work faster than you thought possible. No matter who you are, the perfect wake up is something that we all wish to enjoy. For some people, waking up properly is a process that takes hours. For some enviable early birds, waking up is a doddle.


Some people often think that the difference between these two people is luck. Surely some people are simply supposed to raise early in the morning, while others are more nocturnal? Well, the science supports this to some degree. But that doesn’t mean waking up should be considered anything other than supportive to your day. Consider implementing these changes for the perfect wake up, because you too can experience this if you try:


Sleep Hygiene


The perfect wake-up is almost always accompanied by the perfect sleep the night before. Of course, it’s not always easy to guarantee just how much sleep you’ll get based on a range of factors. But you can improve your sleep hygiene to improve your chances of feeling well rested. Purchasing new bedding once in a while can help with this, as can assessing the quality of your mattress. Trying to lessen noise pollution in your home can be important, but if this is hard to do then using memory foam earplugs might help you rest your head a little easier. Giving yourself enough time to sleep well each night can also be vitally important to having enough time to get to sleep, preferably aided by a book and not a television program or video game.


Good Timing


Good timing can work well. What does this mean? Well, having a regular bedtime and wake time can do wonders for your circadian rhythm, helping your body know exactly what it needs to do when, and helping the morning to feel less surprising when your alarm does go off. We’d also recommend having a distinct routine in the morning to help you wake up effectively. It’s much less difficult to groom yourself each morning if you stick to a predetermined path to personal care, but of course don’t be afraid of mixing things up from time to time.


Better Coffee


Many of us need coffee to function in the morning, and there’s no issue with that. Coffee can be very good for you. Just be sure you’re drinking excellent ground coffee sourced well instead of the cheap stuff, as this can help you enjoy a cleaner caffeine buzz, and looking forward to a tasty cup can be motivation enough to get out of those warm sheets and to your bathroom.


With these simple tips, waking up well each morning will feel wonderful and nothing if not refreshing.

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