Simple Solutions For Your Kitchen Problems

There are some problems in the kitchen that are common to many of us. Whether it’s a lack of space to work in, or dealing with those nuisance issues, such as a smelly dishcloth or greasy countertops, our time in the kitchen can become both stressful and frustrating. And that’s before we get on with cooking, as not all of us have the skills of London’s top chefs to help us make a meal worth eating. In this article, we will look at some of these problems and will offer you a few tips to help you solve them. So, if your time in the kitchen is getting you down, have a look at the following. Our solutions may just make your day!


Kitchen Problem #1: I don’t know how to cook!


If your cooking ability only extends to popping the packaging of a microwave meal and heating it up for five minutes, you are both damaging your health and your bank balance. Those processed meals are really not good for you, no matter how attractive the packaging makes them look. They usually taste pretty rank as well. The truth is this. Don’t say you can’t cook! It’s an attitude you need to get away from. Practice makes perfect, as we mentioned in our article on cooking tips a short while ago. By following recipes to a tee, you will be able to make something worth eating. Taking a cooking class is also useful, giving you the tools you need to improve your skills. You can cook; you just need to give yourself time and patience!


Kitchen Problem #2: My dishcloths stink up the kitchen


There are all kinds of bad smells in the kitchen. From overflowing trash cans to the smell of burnt food, you will need an oxygen mask every time you enter the room. Thankfully, there are easy solutions to this. Open a few windows for one, and deodorise the room with a few candles or air-fresheners. However, one of the most common smells comes from that overused item, the dishcloth. Smelling worse than a men’s locker room at the gym, you are probably replacing them with something new on a regular basis. However, you can forego the expense and do a couple of simple things. The first is to wash them (of course) in boiling hot water with strong detergent to completely obliterate the grease. Alternatively, soak your dishcloths in a bowl of boiled water and vinegar, and then completely air dry them afterwards. Job done, bad smells removed!


Kitchen Problem #3: My knives don’t cut it!


Whether you’re slicing bread or cutting up meat, if your knives (literally) don’t cut it, you are probably using the wrong tools for the job. Before you set about replacing or sharpening them, read this guide on how to identify your kitchen knives. With the right implement in your hand, you should have no trouble getting through your roast pork or freshly cooked bread, even when your culinary skills produce something tougher than old shoe leather! Hint: go right back to #1 for advice on that matter!


Kitchen Problem #4: I have run out of space


Storage space is an issue for many kitchens, which is a problem when you have food to prepare and need a space for all your essential accessories to go. A simple solution to counter both those issues is to purchase a moveable kitchen island, something you can wheel into the kitchen as and when you need it. With an extra counter top to prepare your food on, and with storage space to provide further functionality as well, your only problem may be where to store the island after you have used it. You can figure that one by yourself!


Kitchen Problem #5: My kitchen has been struck with greased lightning!


Greasy film will stick to any and all of your kitchen surfaces, from your countertops to your oven handles. It can be a real pain to clean as well, unless you use the correct products of course. Now, you could purchase something from your local supermarket, as there are many degreasers available. However, we are all about saving money, so fall back on your old friend again, the vinegar bottle. It’s a natural degreaser, great for your dishcloths and for your kitchen surfaces. You will need a few other ingredients for your spray bottle, but once completed, you should find your natural mixture is just as good as those treatments you find on your store shelves. Still, you will still need that other kind of grease to help you. We are talking about elbow grease, of course, to help you shift this stubborn problem.




So, while we haven’t covered every conceivable kitchen issue, we hope we have given you some good advice for some of the more common problems we can all face. Let us know your tips too. Thanks for reading.

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