Simon and I love playing games, as we are really just kids at heart.

The struggle is finding new games to keep us interested, unfortunately unlike real kids we do get bored easily!

There is a new game on the market called Randomise.

As soon as I heard about it, I couldn’t wait to play.

How to Play

The game is a card game.

As per the website “You are going to become something ridiculous and┬ámust help your team mates guess what you are by describing, drawing or acting your way to┬ávictory.”

You can choose easy or hard options, but the other team choose the numbers (at random without knowing what they are).

Then somehow you need to get your team member to figure out the random thing you are!

Our Game

Simon is by his own admission very unimaginative, so when it was his turn… things got a little painful… however I put my heart and soul into being a “female jellyfish moshing” – you would have thought with Simon’s love of EDM music he would have got the moshing part, but no…

We lost pretty quickly to our friends, but the main thing was we had fun and played a new game! Now I just need to find a better partner…


You can buy the game from Amazon if you would like to play along!


We were sent the game in exchange for a review, all opinions are our own.


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