Online Review Sites – My First Port of Call!

Before I make any large purchase I will always check out online reviews, I think it is one of the greatest things out there on the internet – the ability to check what you are buying or committing to is worth the money. Here are some of my regularly bookmarked sites;


I will never book a hotel without researching it on Tripadvisor, I love the reviews and also the candid customer photos – much more reliable than staged professional shots that could be decades old.

I also love checking out what people recommend to do in the local areas, and I have found that these reviews are usually spot on! It means we maximise our fun whilst travelling to new places and avoid overhyped/underwhelming tourist traps. Again, this is priceless if you only have limited time on a holiday to explore the local culture and things to do.


We are in the process of having a new bathroom fitted, so Checkatrade was an important first check before we contacted local fitters. A bathroom is a huge expense and you are inviting someone into your home, so knowing that you can trust the person is priceless peace of mind. The reviews show how Checkatrade has verified they are real (via phone, email etc), which gives additional assurance that these are not fake reviews (see Amazon section below).


Amazon reviews used to be a regular check for me before a large electronics/homeware purchase – then I read recently how hundreds of thousands of the reviews turned out to be fake across the site so I am more weary of these now – hopefully Amazon will start adding verification checks before reviews can be posted.

Online Fun

It is also important to make sure that your valuable free time is well spent. Apps have reviews before you download them, and so do online gaming sites, such as OnlineCasinos for the latest sports and betting info.

What are some review sites that you swear by?


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