How to afford a Wedding…

News just in – Weddings are super expensive!

We had such hopes at the beginning that we could keep a sensible budget, but we found that we wanted the best for our one special day and there were many areas we just wouldn’t scrimp and save on. So, we needed to find other areas of our life to save money and here are some of the ways we have been able to save up for our perfect day;

1 – Vouchers, Coupon, and Price Match everything!

Although we are planning a wedding we still live a normal life, and appliances break and others need upgrading. We make sure we don’t make any major purchases without checking out all available deals, vouchers, and finding the best price for our chosen item. This can be tedious or time consuming, but you can easily save £00s over the course of a year by checking voucher sites and price matching online before any major purchase. LatestDeals has lots of vouchers and the latest deals all in one place.

2 – Facebook Groups

Join your local community Facebook groups to snap up second hand bargains being sold by your neighbours. For those who are also wedding planning there are loads of wedding groups (local and national) where you can snap up a bargain for the big day.

I have bought quite a bit from these groups, like our nearly new Vera Wang cake cutting set for the wedding that was only £30 instead of 65.

I also found a handbag being sold that was completely out of stock online – I had fallen in love with it, as we got engaged in Las Vegas, but it was goldust to find! Facebook Wedding Group to the rescue!

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3 – Date Nights

An active social life is one of the fastest ways to bleed money! We make an active effort to have more nights in, to save money but also to make time just for each other. We don’t just sit in front of Netflix, we will make the effort to make a nice dinner together, light some candles and put a vinyl on the record player. In the run up to the wedding when we are also so busy with work, these romantic low key nights are a lovely way to stay connected.


How do you save money?


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