Giving Your Kids A Trip To Remember

Going on trips with your kids can give them memories that last a lifetime and make you feel closer together as a family. Taking them away might be a little expensive and take a little more planning than when you and your partner have been away by yourselves in the past, but it’s more than worth it! Here are some pointers for you so you can give your kids a trip to remember the next time you go away:


Plan Your Trip Together

Don’t just surprise the kids with a trip to wherever you’re going. Plan the trip together! Look at potential destinations, decide as a group, and then talk about the things you’ll see and do while you’re there. This will get the kids really excited for your adventure together and you’ll all have an even better time.



Make Sure You Compromise

Make sure you can all compromise with one another so that the whole family has an amazing time. You need to go somewhere where there will be something for everybody, and some days your older kids may be bored because you’re doing things for the younger kids, and vice versa. Try to make your trip as balanced as possible so that everybody has a good time.


Stay Somewhere Appropriate

Your accommodation is important, because you’re going to be preparing for your days exploring here. You need to make sure you stay somewhere family appropriate. Staying somewhere that isn’t right could mean night’s of lost sleep due to loud guests, and even rude staff. Places like Marriott’s Village d’lle-de-France can give you an idea of what to look for in your accommodation. Read reviews and testimonials and make sure this is a place that will go above and beyond for your family.


Stay Away From Technology

Too much technology can be terrible, especially when you’re all supposed to be going away together and enjoying one another’s company. Do your best to stay away from technology as a family. Snap a few pictures, sure, but do your best to take in your surroundings together and avoid doing things like scrolling social media and reading the news online. Fully take in this experience by leaving the outside world behind.


Plan A Slow Paced Itinerary

When you’re travelling with kids, you’re going to need a much slower paced itinerary than if you were just travelling with your partner. Kids won’t want to move as fast as you do. They’ll need frequent breaks for the toilet and snacks. Fit in a few fun things but be prepared to leave it open and just relax.


Know How To Keep Costs Down

Travelling with kids can be expensive, so know how to keep costs down. Eat at the best times (eat dinner earlier in the day) and you’ll get a better deal on food. Give your kids a small allowance each day that they are allowed to spend on souvenirs and things too, as this stops you from blindly spending a fortune and forces your kids to think about what they really want.

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