Getting into Gardening

Last Summer was the first time I tried my hand at getting into gardening, and I have to say – I really enjoyed it!

I cannot wait for this never ending Winter to be over, so I can get out in the sunshine and make our garden look beautiful again.

This is how it looked last week;

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Here are some photos from how it looked last year;

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If you are new to gardening, here are my top tips to get going – and to create a colourful beautiful space for the least cost and effort.


Perennials are flowers that grow year after year, so are a great purse friendly option. So many beautiful colourful flowers are perennial, my favourite are hydrangeas. They add huge blocks of bright colour to your garden. When you are buying flowers they will usually say on the label whether they are annual or perennial, so it is easy to find these as you get used to different types of plants and flowers.

Some of the easiest ways to improve how your garden looks actually don’t even involve getting on your gardening gloves;


The best time to buy garden furniture is at the end of the Summer, when it is all on sale. I picked up a bright funky patio set that was supposed to be £80 for only £20;

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We still got plenty of use out of it over September, and they are study enough to last a few more full summers! This style of “egg” chair is really comfortable and I love sitting out in the sunshine with my morning coffee.

(p.s. can you spot Waffles the cat hiding?)


We love solar powered lights, and there are so many modern options out there, such as this cool pineapple from Next, that lights up at night with fairy lights wrapped around the metal;

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We light our lounge with soft lit lamps and fairy lights, and so to extend this soft lighting out into the garden is perfect. We also have lights strung around a bush and at the top of the shed. In the evening the garden looks ready to host a chilled out BBQ or garden party, and that is exactly how we hope to spend our summer evenings!

Artificial Grass

Fake grass is a great option if you can’t stand the thought of regularly mowing the lawn. Simon hates mowing, I don’t mind it that much, and we both fight over who gets to play with the strimmer to tidy up the borders! Simon would love us to replace our garden with artificial grass, and there are lots of options out there now to choose the best fit for your garden space.

Gardening Tools

I love shopping, and getting into gardening gave me an excuse to shop for all new tools to keep the garden looking great. This is one area I think that cost saving shouldn’t be a priority, it is more important to buy long lasting quality items that you can pull out year after year. It is also important to find the right tools for the job, and make your gardening life so much easier!

Bring the Outside In

I love indoor/outdoor living and transitional spaces, and it is so satisfying to take cuttings of flowers we have grown ourselves and bring them into the home. I love flowers in the house, as you will know if you are a regular reader, and to have flowers from our own garden is extra special.

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What are your tips for falling in love with gardening?


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