Foodie Gifts They’ll Actually Use

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Everyone one knows someone who delights in cooking and preparing food that will amaze. It might be a friend, a relative or someone you work with, but you know that generally whatever they service will be delicious. When it comes to buying a gift for a foodie there is plenty of choice available if you look in the right places.


Something Special


Most foodies delight in having something a bit special to use in their foods, and they will tell you what a difference a good quality product can make. Something like a special olive oil that has the flavour of oak to produce an earthy taste that is delightful. Maybe it is a special cheese or bread that you gift them. Whichever, you will always find the appreciate something a bit special.


Kitchen Appliances


Not the big things like cookers and freezers, more kitchen appliances that sit on a work surface. Mixers and blenders, like the ones here, are always welcome, as are things like electric knives and juicers. As much as foodies love being in the kitchen, if something makes the task a little easier it is very welcome.


Something Different


It could be that you would like to buy something a bit different for the foodie in your life. You could start by looking at Cuckoolands gift ideas for guys. There is no end of unique gifts you can buy, one of the most common ways of making them different being to have then personalised in some way. It could be their name, a nickname or something else they are known for. But if, for instance, you bought a personalised apron, there is no doubt you would see it worn often.

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Cook Books


You only have to watch a few cooking programs on TV to realise that every cook makes things in different ways. They all have their own ingredients and methods and trying out which looks the easiest is what most people do.


That is not usually the case for foodies though. Ease does not come into it. They want to cook what they think will produce the tastiest dish, no matter how much hard work it takes.


A cookbook is a great way for them to see how other cooks prepare a recipe. It does not have to be by anyone famous. There are lots of them on the bookstore shelves that are meals from the war, recipes from the north and other variations.  It is the sort of thing a foodie will sit and read while the rest of us are watching a film on TV.


Pots And Pans


The one thing that anyone who loves cooking will tell you is crucial in any kitchen is good quality pots and pans.  Non-stick ones have fallen out of favour over recent years because of the toxic fumes the non-stick element gives off. Copper-bottomed or stainless steel are the best, and they are also the most durable.


Finding gifts for foodies is not as hard as it may sound, as most additions to their kitchen will be very welcome.


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