Common Ways to Calm Down You’ve Never Thought Of!

We are more stressed than ever before. Every aspect of life, and regardless of your age, young, old, or middle-aged, we are all feeling the pinch of stress in one way or another. So we turn to practices like meditation and mindfulness to reduce our heart rate, but there are more common methods to calm down than you realise. And they are much simpler than you thought…




It is official; baking is a way many people are coping with the pressures of modern life. And not just baking but activities like cooking, cleaning, or anything in the kitchen has been shown to be a proper stress reliever. Baking has been shown to be a effective because of the fruits of your labours; spending time going over every little detail of making something that people will enjoy is something everyone will take pride in. So if you have the space, you may want to start thinking about decking your kitchen with stand mixers, baking trays, rolling pins, parchment paper, and all the muffin towers you can find! It’s proving to be a way for many people to escape the pressures of the modern world, and it stands to reason that a healthy distraction like this, which can take a long time to get right, is a great way to reduce your worries.


Going For A Walk



A lot of people talk about going for a walk to clear their head. But while it’s not just a great way to do this, and to make you feel happier by boosting endorphins which will reduce your stress, if you walk into a green space, such as the park, it will put yourself into a meditative state of mind. This is known as involuntary attention, where something holds your attention but also enables you to be in a reflective state of mind. It doesn’t need to be an extremely long walk, even a 10-minute walk in a green space will provide you with that little boost you need to see you through the rest of your day.


Get Rid Of That Phone!




We are all becoming more stressed and anxious due to increased time spent in front of our computer screens and smartphones, and this has been shown to impact our ability to produce melatonin, the sleep hormone. So if you use your phone before bedtime, even if you need to, you may want to think about putting it away an hour or so before hitting the hay. The blue lights from our screens and phones is the culprit, so you may want to install a blue light filter program to turn your screen into a more shade of orange.


Stitch And Sew

Knitting Knit Color Handmade Hobby Wool Handwork


Craft hobbies like knitting or sewing have been shown to calm anxiety because of the repetitive motions involved. It is almost akin to a mindfulness practice. The repetition of a motion like when you knit, also becomes a type of mantra, and distracts you from the internal chatter in your mind.


So the next time you feel stressed, think about one of these four simple things to calm you down.


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