Commitment & Relationships: A Simple Guide

Complicated! That is what relationships tend to be, especially romantic ones. After all, we don’t always know what we want out of life, so being able to keep two people happy at the same time can seem like an impossible task. Of course, romantic relationships are important, even if navigating them can be tricky, this being a topic you can read more about in my post below.


Self-respect and love.


Many people out there are looking for a relationship to complete them. In fact, this is what we are taught from a young age, that we need another person to be whole. However, It’s also essential to foster a sense of self and offer love and respect for yourself before you decide to settle down and commit.


The reason being that without this your relationship will be much more difficult and can quickly veer into less constructive patterns, making it harder for either of you to be happy. In fact, it can be a great deal of pressure on the other person, if you are looking to them for your self worth every day, so taking some time to focus on yourself before committing to a long term relationship can often be the most health things you can do.


Taking commitment seriously.


Commitment is a serious thing, and it should absolutely be treated with the respect it deserves. Sadly, not everyone sees it this way, with many people preferring to be in any relationship rather than be on their own. Of course, to succeed as a partner, we have first to learn to be a successful and well-balanced individual, and then even with that and the best will in the world it sometimes doesn’t work out!


That is why it’s vital that we regard commitment in a relationship with the reverence and ‘commitment’ it deserves! After all, it takes works to be with someone day after day, even if you love them more than anything.

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Marriage and all the hype.


Marriage is amazing, but its true meaning can get lost in all the hype, preparation, and stress. I’m not saying that when you have decided to make that commitment, you shouldn’t celebrate it. However, what you need to remember is that planning the wedding should not supersede the relationship itself. After all, its only one day but your marriage will be for life!


To that end, it’s a good idea to try and minimize any wedding stress as much as possible. To help you with this why not use a wedding planning guide, and even assign tasks to different members of the wedding party? Then you will still have enough time and energy to nurture your relationship in the lead up to the wedding.


Move at your own speed.  


Last, of all, don’t forget that the key to committing successfully in a relationship is to do it at your own speed. That means slowing things down if you need to, and really taking some time to consider if a commitment is genuinely what you want.


Yes, this can be a challenging thing to do, especially if you care deeply about the person involved, but in reality, you are honoring them to the best of your ability by being as truthful and honest about the situation as possible. Even if that does mean ultimately making the hard choices when it comes to commitment and relationships.


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