Another You: Shaking Up Your Weekend Style

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Fed up of your usual style? Aren’t we all! Sometimes it’s right to shake it up a bit and to find a new style that invigorates us, but also provides us with that springboard towards something completely different. Whether you are going for a weekend away, or you’re going to an event where you won’t know anybody, this gives you the perfect opportunity to shake up your usual style. But what can we do to point us in the right direction?

Go comfy

Comfy doesn’t mean relaxed! You can embody the perfect mix of comfortable with smart and stylish. A hoodie with a checked midi skirt straddles the balance just fine. The great thing with this setup is that if you want to go smart, get some heeled boots on, but if you want to go casual, put some trainers on! If you are looking to stay warm, but you don’t want to add layer upon layer on you, go for the alternative approach; wearing a long skirt with some tall boots over opaque tights works wonderfully with a leather jacket.

What to do with your hair?

If you spend the entire week dressed prim and proper, it’s time to embrace the bed head look! Ironically, this is difficult to maintain. But, with the right luxury hair styling products, you can keep everything in check. If you don’t have long hair, or you just fed up of maintaining it, maybe it’s time to embrace the cropped cut look? It doesn’t have to look like you’ve been attacked with a hedge trimmer. The great thing about the cropped style is that it’s effortlessly stylish and easy to maintain.

Bring jeans back

When we are used to trouser suits and work hard to hide our curves, jeans is an easy way to bring back some shape to ourselves. Jeans work wonders, they work with heels and rock music T-shirts so you can hit the bars on a Saturday night with style, or you can you take the Ariana Grande approach and go for the heels and big jumper look.

Go for the basics

If there are aspects of your weekday attire that you want to bring into the weekend, you can add some accessories to make it more playful. Use a trouser suit, and dress it up with heels, a bag, and if you’re feeling really playful, wear your scarf as a headband! If you’re not into this, tie it around your hair and style your bouffant into a bun.

If you want to change up your style for the weekend or a big event, this is the opportunity to go as far as your style will take you. Experiment, see what works. And never underestimate colour. Especially now, as the winter is incredibly uninspiring, but we don’t have to go for the usual brown and beige colours. Instead, embrace the chunky knitted approach, and be diverse in your colouring. Shaking up your usual weekend style gives you the opportunity to be another you, so let’s do it!

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