9 Reasons Why Women Need Girlfriends

As we get older and develop real adult lives, free time to see our friends seems to get less and less. Especially once we’ve got married and had kids. Where you once had a massive group of girlfriends you saw most days, you now have one or two, and you have to sit with your planners to work out a time where you are all free to do something.


But, these relationships are essential. Even when you are unbearably busy, it’s so crucial that you make the time to nurture the relationships you have you have with your friends. Because you need them.




To Be on Your Side


Life is impossibly difficult. There are so many pressures and battles to face every single day. Your girlfriends will always be on your side. Through family drama, relationship issues, and trouble at work, your girlfriends will be there for you, backing you up and cheering you on.


To Tell You That You Look Great


Sometimes you just need to hear it from someone with no ulterior motive. Your girlfriends are there to boost your confidence when you are low and help you to feel great, whatever is going on.


To Tell You That You Look Terrible


They’re also there to be honest, however. Your partner is unlikely to have the guts to tell you when an outfit just doesn’t work. That’s if he notices at all. Your girlfriends will come right out and say it. There will also be times in your life when you are doing too much. Working too hard, staying out too late or pushing your body to its limits. Your girlfriends will be the first people to say “you look terrible. Take a break”. They’ll also be the only people you’d listen to.


To Be There


Whatever time it is, whatever has happened, whatever you need from them, your girlfriends are there when you need them.


To Laugh More



We all need to laugh more. Laughter can help you relax, ease tension, help you sleep, boost your mood and generally make you feel better. Whether you are out at dance classes, or chilling at home, time with your girlfriends is certain to be filled with laughter.


For Cheap Nights In


There will be people in your life that always need the big night out to have fun. But, sometimes you just can’t afford it. So, you stop seeing them. Your girlfriends will be happy to have cheap nights in cooking and watching Netflix.


For Free Therapy


Therapy is expensive, and if we’re honest, most of us need it. Life’s hard; there is a lot to think about. Your girlfriends are the people that you talk to and get advice from. They’re the people you can vent to after a hard day, without judgement. It’s a lifetime’s supply of free therapy.


To Shop With


Shopping is fantastic exercise, great stress relief and can even be good for your mental health. But, it’s never quite the same on your own. Having great girlfriends means that it never has to be.


To Help Other Relationships


Your romantic relationships will be better if you’ve got girlfriends to confide in. They’ll tell you that you’re being crazy when you fly off into a jealous rage. They’ll comfort you when things aren’t right, and they’ll always be there for a good moan when his habits are driving you crazy!

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