3 Extravagant Parties You Should Host This Summer

While we may say that winter is the season for parties, it’s really just because it’s so dark and gloomy and something ought to cheer us up somehow. Now that the sun is shining, we can finally stop pretending and just admit it; it’s summertime, the temperature is rising and living is, as they say, easy.

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Find yourself an outdoor venue or simply your own garden, gather your friends and pop the champagne – here is a quick guide to throwing the best summer bash in the neighbourhood.


Pineapple party: Putting the fruit in the centre


Think of a fun fruit, any fruit. What comes to mind? Sure, there’s the interesting but rather dull-tasting dragon fruit; the funny-looking star fruit and perhaps even the classic banana. Yet, none of these are able to match up to the funky pineapple.

Take its style and delicious flavour and you’ve got yourself a great fruit to use as a theme for the best summer party of the year. Carve out some of the flesh and mix cocktails in it, decorate your tables with the tops, and serve pineapple-flavoured desserts.

You can, of course, take any of your favourite fruits and use them as a theme. Try to imagine what kind of party a pineapple or banana would throw and build its personality from there. Would not a banana decorate a party venue with long, yellow balloons? And a pineapple would probably hire a funky jazz band to entertain its guests. Get creative, have fun with it and make your fruit proud.


Garden party: For the flower children


A garden party is perfect for celebrating the little girl or boy inside of you. All children love flowers and a table, in the middle of a lush garden, decorated with flowers everywhere simply screams summer.

Use glass bottles as vases, hang them from the ceiling and fill them with tall flowers. Hand out flower crowns to all of your guests, or the hosts if you’re feeling a bit lazy, infuse your own gin with aromatic scents and serve it out of a simple watering can for an absolutely eccentric garden party. Your guests will hopefully remember it for years to come.


Camping party: When you don’t want to go home


Sleeping in a tent is not just for exhausting festivals or slow family trips. Host a camping party where everyone brings their own tent, or just a sleeping bag if the weather is clear, and invite a few of your friends. You may want to keep the number of guests on the low unless you live on a big plot so that you don’t keep your neighbours up all night.

Make it cosy rather than boozy by bringing out a projector and a sheet for an outdoor movie night and decorate your party with lots of soft pillows.

We highly recommend combining these ideas into one fantastic summer party, by the way. It may be a bit over the top, colourful and even confusing – but your guests will definitely be impressed.


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