Switching Out Your Proteins



We are all guilty of falling into a routine where we have the exact same meals over and over again. And it has to stop. It’s a boring cycle that makes you lose your love of food and you stop getting excited to eat it, and so you don’t want to cook it and then you end up buying in instead. It is such an easy task to rejuvenate your food by simply switching out the proteins. The protein – whether it’s a meat meal or a vegetarian or vegan one, is more often the not, the centre of the dish. It holds a lot of flavour and can dictate the flavours that you choose to pair with It, so swapping it out can easily transform your meal.


Red for white meat


Too much red meat in your diet is never a good thing, but rather than cutting it out completely, why not just switch it for white meat now and again? Turkey Mince in a bolognese can create a lighter meal than when you use the traditional beef. You can also experiment with some different flavours when you use a different meat – swapping to lamb gives you a leaner red meat and you have combine it with mint for a fresher flavour. If you are restricted meat wise because of a dietary requirement or a religious factor – like Halal- you can still switch out red meat for halal chicken and create that lighter meal.


Go fish


Fish are so versatile and can easily transform a meal – use prawns in a Thai green curry instead of chicken or salmon in a stir fry. Tuna steak is so simple to cook and can be transformed with various crusts and herbs. You can replace most meats with fish and still have a filling and delirious meal. Plus, for those who don’t like that really fishy taste, opt for tuna over salmon or cod.




Why not leave the meat off the plate altogether? A veggie meal can be filling and taste fantastic, you just have to bulk out the meal with more veg. Add potatoes and chickpeas to a curry instead of chicken or lamb. Nuts and dark green veggies are high in iron and protein and are often what gives the meal it’s finishing flavours. You can even try a vegan meal which are a little more difficult to put together, but completely worth it flavour wise.


Say cheese


Who doesn’t love a halloumi burger? And if you do it right, with a homemade sauce, you can easily leave off or enhance a beef burger. And, on the subject of burgers, mozzarella is a classic and can be used in the centre of your burger to give it the salty but smooth taste and a stringy surprise.

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