Impress Your Guests: Hosting Your Very First Dinner Party

Having friends over for food and drinks is one of life’s simple pleasures. When you reach adulthood and have your own permanent home, it really is wonderful being able to invite loved ones over and socialise. It’s fun yet grown up, and you can adapt it however you want to suit the tastes and interests of you and your guests. If you’ve never hosted a dinner party before, here are a few things to bear in mind to get the evening just right.

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Get your home prepared

When you’re having guests over to your home, you will of course want it to look its best. Before the party, spend time cleaning, tidying and decluttering. Open the windows and air it out, fluff up cushions and get the table laid. Your table setting will depend on how casual or formal you want your party to be, but cutlery, placemats, a table runner and a centerpiece decoration of some kind will work for most occasions. You can get nice fresh ones from your local florist, don’t go with anything too tall which will block your guests view of each other.


Make as much in advance as possible

Having lots of food to prepare and cook on the night can be stressful. For this reason it’s well worth getting as much done as you possibly can ahead of time. If you choose a starter such as soup, this could be made way ahead and simply reheated on the evening. Desserts again can be made ahead, just be sure that everything is being stored correctly to keep it fresh and tasting its best. That way you only really need to worry about cooking the main course while guests are there, the less you have to do the quicker and easier it will be.


Keep the drinks flowing

At a dinner party, it’s important to keep the drinks flowing to ensure guests glasses stay topped up. You could look into Oddbins champagne range if the dinner party is celebrating a special occasion, or find wines that complement each course. There’s lots of advice and information on how to do this online so you could always brush up once you know what meals you will be serving. Have an alternative drink for anyone that doesn’t drink (or is driving) such as alcohol free sparkling wine or soda, and don’t forget to put a jug of water on the table too.


Decide on entertainment

You don’t need to provide entertainment at your dinner party, but if you want to make a real occasion of it then it can be a fun thing to do. It all depends on the type of event and what yours and your guests personalities are like. It could be anything from fireworks to musician to a magician. Work out what you think your guests will enjoy, and what will fit best with the theme of the evening.


Have you ever hosted a dinner party before? What advice would you give to those throwing one for the first time?

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